Plumbing Design and Consultancy

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C F Reese provides Architects and Consulting Engineers with a Hydraulic Design Service for residential and light commercial installations.
Drawing on our plumbing experience and qualifications, we have the ability to provide significant input into the Hydraulic Design and Sanitary Plumbing layout of our clients developments. This understanding of the plumbing section of the building code and relevant regulations enables us to provide accurate initial design information to Architects or Engineers saving them time when gaining a building consent and ultimately their clients money through accurate drawings and information.
In the event that documents go out to tender, too often we find that the information is not compliant and tendering companies do not always identify this, resulting in variations or increased costs after the plumbing inspector picks up that the design will not function as intended or is not compliant with the plumbing inspector's requirements.
This service can be provided as ad-hoc consultancy or on a design fee proposal structure, we can assist with either hand drawn drawings for a cost effective option or full CAD design working closely with engineers as a product specifies. In addition we can provide an on-site investigation, undertaking the inspection of drainage or water systems and providing a report on the suitability and condition of existing services, inverts of drains and analysis of clients' needs and requirements.
This service is offered either in-house or via a recently established sister company, Flow Consulting Ltd, operated by company Shareholder /director Aaron Rink.