24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service in Hamilton

0800 4 60 247 0800 4 60 247

woman calling for emergency plumbing Hamilton

At CF Reese Plumbing we are incredibly passionate about ensuring continuation of service for our clients and the greater public, covering the Plumbing, Gasfitting & Drainlaying fields. We believe it is not acceptable for a client to have to wait until Monday for a job to be done or to have to wait when the plumber they call doesn't turn up at the promised time.

To combat this we have put a number of processes in-place, including at the very beginning trademarking our promise that 'We can be there in 60 Minutes" within the Hamilton area. Unlike a lot of plumbers who simply advertise 24 hour plumbing services and hope the Tradesman is available, we have a process in place to ensure that we are, including diverting all calls through our 0800 4 60 24 7 number, directly to a local call centre, whom take the responsibility of logging a job and contacting the tradesman on call.

In the event the tradesman is already on another job or perhaps out of cell phone coverage (we can guarantee he will never be fishing as he is on our on-call roster and paid accordingly) for any particular reason, within half an hour the call centre takes responsibility to dispatch the call to another secondary tradesmen who will attend site.  Whilst this service carries a higher price than our everyday service, it is a guaranteed service and our fully equipped emergency plumbers in Hamilton can attend to any plumbing emergency, potentially saving our clients thousands of dollars in damaged property.

If you are one of our regular clients and have set up a service agreement with us, all of our pricing structures benefit from your pre-approved discount structure, making all our services including our guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency service very cost effective and we don't charge any extra on Public Holidays!