Plumbing Services in Hamilton

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Hamilton plumber
The team at CF Reese Plumbing handle every aspect of the plumbing industry, whether it is simply servicing a tap washer, unblocking a drain or tendering and completing a new home or commercial plumbing installation.
The plumbing industry is very diverse. When you think of a plumber they can go from one end of the spectrum with changing a tap washer or installing a new shower, through to installing high rise apartment plumbing or drainage.  Early on at CF Reese we realised that whilst we train all our staff to become competent plumbers, gasfitters and drainlayers, there is a significant difference in the various aspects of these skill sets and in the professional service people desire.
The trend in the industry when the building industry was booming was that plumbers preferred to undertake new housing often leaving their maintenance clients waiting until they had finished a new high dollar value project before attending an emergency job. Aaron Rink the current owner and director, decided to differentiate CF Reese into two specific areas; Service Plumbing and new installation work.

CF Reese Services

CF Reese Services offers plumbing services Hamilton wide from a simple tap washer or maintenance job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through to a kitchen or bathroom renovation, our clients range from the private home owner through to commercial property maintenance companies. The Plumbers in our Services team are good communicators, trouble-shooters and enjoy a challenge, hand selected for their clean cut professional appearance as well as their professional qualifications. Our service team is comfortable in a client’s home, commercial office building or hospitality service environment.

CF Reese Contracts

Our CF Reese Contracts team handles everything that can be tendered or priced, from a new home for a private owner builder, group housing company or commercial development.  CF Reese Contracts enjoys working with new home owners, providing Hamilton Plumbing Services, Gasfitting and Drainlaying services for their dream home. At CF Reese we have developed a number of design/build relationships with clients which has enabled them to “tap” into our knowledge and experience at the design phase of the project, allowing the client to minimise unforeseen costs and maximise the value they receive.