Waste Water Treatment Systems

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It is no longer acceptable to have poor treated effluent waste discharging directly into the ground from a septic tank.  Modern septic tanks are required to be appropriately sized and include an outlet filter to protect the effluent disposal field which conveys the treated waste water into the ground.
Any many cases, particularly in the Waikato soil type, lay of the land and increasing rural development makes it not acceptable to install conventional systems. C F Reese works with local engineers to assist in the design and installation of sustainable sewerage treatment systems.
We are also the local service agents for the Jet Waste Treatment system, this environmentally aware sewerage treatment system provides a cost effective alternative to conventional septic tanks and effluent disposal fields. Waste is broken down through a three chamber tank and treated to such a high quality that the odourless by-product liquid can be irrigated via dripper irrigation into planter beds or gardens.
The Jet Waste product is available in either fibreglass or concrete product to suit your needs and we offer a service plan to ensure the quality of discharge waste does not harm the environment.