Solar Water Heaters

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We won't send you Solar Bills!

C F Reese undertakes the installation of Solar Water Heaters on new and existing homes and commercial properties. We have access to over 25 different configurations of solar systems for a residential home or can custom design and install a commercial installation for anything from a Camp Ground to Commercial Building.

With the huge range of high quality equipment available to us, we won't just sell you a product because we want to make a sale, in fact we will be the first to tell you that Solar is not for you if we don't think it stacks up economically or is cost effective for your home or lifestyle.

 Combinations of our units include, roofing mounted tank installation, ranging from an Edwards 180 litre through to a 440 litre, 3 panel unit. This is the most cost effective, efficient type of installation as there are no pumps required to circulate the heat transfer fluid from the Panels to the tanks as it functions on a thermo-siphon  principal.  The tanks are very well insulated to sustain cold winter temperatures on the roof and panels filled with Glycol Anti-Freeze solution to prevent freezing and reduce maintenance.

This is also available in a wet-back configuration to provide contribution to your hot water all year round, concealed models are available where tanks are installed in the ceiling space or within the building with panels only on the roof. This provides a more aesthetically pleasing look in a number of installations.

Tanks are available in either glazed enamel or stainless steel with a range of configurations enabling coupling to either underfloor heating, additional gas or boiler, heat sources and cylinders can be custom made in number of sizes ranging from 300 litres to 1000 litres.