Mains Pressure Cylinders

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You can get a good flow from a mains-pressure system (normally around 20 litres a minute) and can even get a massaging effect in the shower.

Two different materials are used in these cylinders: ceramic-lined steel, which is often fitted with a sacrificial magnesium anode to protect the liner against corrosion, and stainless steel.

Service life depends on local water quality, but stainless steel is likely to outlast ceramic-lined steel by a considerable margin. Ceramic-lined steel can fail after 10 years.

The main attractions: your bath and washing machine fill quickly and you'll get a great shower.

The main drawbacks: you may use a lot of hot water if your showerhead isn't an efficient model.

- In most cases a budget price would be between $2000 - $2800 incl GST