Te Wananga O Aotearoa Glenview

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In September 2013 we were engaged by Te Wananga o Aotearoa to undertake a condition assessment of the cold water supply servicing the accommodation block at the Glenview Campus.  This assessment was driven by the fact that the water supply at the site had suffered numerous failures resulting in emergency repairs having to be completed. These repairs highlighted the risk associated with the condition of the existing water supply.

Following this investigation the optimum pipe route for replacement of the existing 50mm galvanised water main was identified, along with other preventative maintenance repairs required to the Boiler rooms plumbing pipe work.

The key elements to this job were:

  • To replace the 50mm galvanised cold water supply main in the Accommodation Block with a new 50mm PPR (fusiotherm) pipe line. This included running the new PPR pipe alongside the old                 galvanised pipe, disconnecting each rooms (20 in total) water supply and reconnecting to the new pipework.
  • To carry out maintenance repairs to the plumbing pipe work in the Boiler Plant room.

Through careful and thorough planning and communication with the Te Wanaga, we were able to complete this project for our key client so they were very happy with our work and within the timeframes agreed.